Regi Prep

Regi Prep is a 5 minute registration preparation tool to ensure your readiness to register for classes following your academic advising appointment. Intended for freshmen (first year in college), all questions are required.

Thank you! Your responses will help the advising community better prepare students for the registration process.

1. What are you able to do on the date of your Enrollment Appointment?
2.  When you receive an email by the Office of the Registrar that your Shopping Cart is open, what does this mean?
3.  How do you determine if a Hold on your account prevents adding courses for the upcoming semester?
4. What is the best way to determine if a course has a pre requisite (the successful completion of a previous course before enrollment in the current course) or a co requisite (another course or part of the course is required for complete registration in the course, such as LEC, REC and LAB)?  More than one answer can be selected.

5.  I want to enroll in a class that has an i course status symbol. What does this mean?
6.  To avoid Class Time Conflicts and plan for appropriate travel time, I need:
7.  I can use the following tool(s) to prepare my schedule for registration.
8.  How do you check to see whether UB has received your AP, alternative or transfer credits?
9.  How many credits do you need to be a full time student in a fall or spring semester?
10.  How many credits are recommended in a fall and spring semester to graduate in four years?
11.  What is an impacted or Course Enrollment Control Policy course?
12.  You may register for fall or spring courses and make changes to your schedule at any time between the start of your Enrollment Appointment through the end of the 7th instructional day of classes.  What happens if you drop a course after the 7th instructional day?
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