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Module 9: Testing Your Knowledge

Welcome to Module 9: Testing Your Knowledge! Thank you for reviewing the New Advisor Training and Continuing Education Guide.

It is recommended that you complete this quiz in one sitting, as your answers cannot be saved and returned to at a later point. The quiz will include two questions from each module. Upon completion of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email providing each quiz question, your response and the correct answer. Your quiz results will also be shared with your Supervisor for professional development and training purposes. Good luck!

All questions are required.

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1. Which of the following is NOT an expectation of an Academic Advisor?
2. A student is an approved Business Administration major, a member of the University Honors College and an Athlete. Which advising office should the student consult each semester for course advisement and progress, strategies for academic success and to learn about opportunities to maximize his or her degree?
3. A student expresses concern that one of his spring semester courses is not posted on UBlearns and he assumes he is not successfully enrolled in the course. Your correct response would be:
4. You have been assigned a new student who needs registration assistance for her first semester of classes. What step needs to be taken to properly prepare for your advising appointment, including assisting the new student with registering for her first semester of classes.
5. You are working with a student who is a heritage Chinese speaker. He shares with you that while he can speak the language, he cannot read or write Chinese. He asks what level of Chinese is appropriate for him to take at UB.

6. Which students are eligible to participate in the Finish in 4 program?
7. Once a student files a UB FERPA Release Form, how often does he or she need to update this FERPA Release prior to graduation?
8. Entering appropriate advising notes on a student should include a summary of what transpired in an advising appointment (or quick visit) but should NOT include:
9. Which statement is NOT correct when describing UB's policies on Academic Load?
10. Which statement about Adding, Dropping and Resigning courses during a standard 15 week fall or spring semester is NOT correct?
11. The most commonly used academic advising forms are housed on three central websites. Which is NOT one of the websites that centrally houses advising forms?

12. It is important for students to understand how academic progress impacts eligibility for State and Federal Financial Aid. If students receive State or Federal Financial Aid, what should students frequently do?
13. Which website provides information on the types of Alternative or Exam Credit accepted by UB, including what credits and scores are articulated to UB courses?

14. A student completed coursework at her previous institution that does not appear in TAURUS but may work towards her major or UB Curriculum (or General Education Requirements). What should the student be advised to do?
15. Which is NOT a qualification to properly file an Academic Withdrawal Petition on behalf of a student?
16. A student needs to resign one of his courses, which will drop him below full-time (12 credit hours) for the semester. What implications need to be reviewed with the student before he resigns?


Please take a few moments to provide feedback on the New Advisor Training and Continuing Education Guide, including Module 9: Testing Your Knowledge! Thank you.

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2. Module 9, Testing Your Knowledge was helpful.
3. How could the New Advisor Training and Continuing Education Guide be improved?
4. How could Module 9, Testing Your Knowledge be improved?