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Academic Success Guide

The Academic Success Guide will take about 20 minutes to review.  Students must complete it no later than August 14th.  All new students are required to complete the guide.

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Academic Advisors help students define their educational goals, plan their course of study, understand UB's expected standards of achievement and policies and procedures.

Advisement is a two way street. Students are expected to be actively engaged in seeking academic and career advice, become knowledgeable about university majors, policies, procedures, and to consult with their advisor at least once a semester.

Your academic advisor worked with you to register you for fall classes and you probably met your advisor during summer orientation.

1. Enter your academic advisor's name into the field below:

At this point you should be familiar with UB's online portal for students - MyUB. Using MyUB, you can access many UB tools, resources and services. You log into your MyUB page with your UBIT Name and Password by going to

Once you log, in your MyUB page looks like this (minus the orange annotations):

2. Have you logged into your MyUB page?
3. Many important and official communications are sent to your university @ email address. It is very important that you read your UB Email frequently!

Have you checked your UB Email this week?
The HUB Student Center is where you access academic, financial aid, and student account information. You access your HUB Student Center via a tab on MyUB. When you select the HUB Student Center from your MyUB page you will see your class schedule on the Student Center page.

4. Have you looked at your class schedule in your HUB Student Center?

Review the flipbook below then answer the questions that follow.

Tip: Be sure to "click to read" the flipbook and to enlarge the pages by using the slide rule at the top of the flipbook page.

5. How many hours do you plan on studying each week?
6. Students are in Good Academic Standing at UB if their GPA is a 2.0 (C) or higher. Many majors require a higher GPA in major Acceptance Criteria courses.

What grade point average will you strive for in your first semester at UB?
One obstacle that many freshmen encounter is how to manage their time while attending college. The short tutorial below introduces you to using Google Calendar to plan your weekly schedule. Your UB Email is powered by Google, giving you access to Google Calendar and more.

7. How have you managed your weekly academic assignments in the past?

We are always looking to improve the information we provide to students, and we appreciate you taking a moment to complete the following survey.

1. Did you find the information in the Academic Success Guide helpful?
2. How might the Academic Success Guide be improved?

3. Name one new thing you learned as a result of completing the guide.